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DPRG: PIC programmer/software thoughts?

Subject: DPRG: PIC programmer/software thoughts?
From: Franklin Wayne Poley fwp at vcn.bc.ca
Date: Mon Jun 7 14:29:34 CDT 1999

On Mon, 7 Jun 1999, Jason Plumb wrote:

> I'm hoping for a free/cheap solution (ie. building it myself from parts I
> have or can easily obtain) with flexibility (ie. program a variety of
> PICs).  I'm also only really interested in programming in C or assembly.

Speaking of which...is there a high level language which is more useful
for robotics than any other? I confess that I am a FORTRAN/APL school
drop-out from many years ago but I want to take a course now and master
one of the languages. A PASCAL course is open locally. Is that useful?

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