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DPRG: Al bending

Subject: DPRG: Al bending
From: James, Bill w-james2 at ti.com
Date: Tue Jun 8 15:33:17 CDT 1999

I bought a giant sheet of sheet Al to make some pieces for BeerBot. It was a
lot more than I need, but compared what I found at Lowes, I got a real
bargin, they had a sheet maybe 12" X12" square for $6.00. I bought a piece
3ft by 10ft for about $23.00. So lets see, I paid 1.3 dollars per square
Now, I understand one of industrous members may have some sheet metal
bending equipment. Mr. Ed Koffeman, am I correct? At one of the RBNO would
it be possible to bend some Al?
Otherwise, I guess I will make up an apparatus with 2X4 and try that. I plan
to make some small covers for the encoders. Plus I was going to make some
type of box to mount the sonars, camera, speaker, and other sensors on the
head (bowl).

Well, I am off to Barry's house to cut, mill and lathe. Beerbot is about to
get his final shape. The head, and arm should be mounted soon. 

Bill James 
w-james2 at ti.com
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