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DPRG: Splining Plastic Timing Gears.

Subject: DPRG: Splining Plastic Timing Gears.
From: Dan Miner miner at centtech.com
Date: Wed Jun 9 23:21:05 CDT 1999

This has been confirmed.  I did not attempt to count
"teeth" on the splines but it appears that Futaba uses
more teeth than JR and neither control horn will fit
on the opposite brand.

I do NOT know how any of the other brands compare.
Just be aware that what works for one brand may or
may not work for another.

So now the big question - What brand of servo are
you guys using for this so far?

				- Dan Miner

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> Subject: RE: DPRG: Splining Plastic Timing Gears. 
> I've been using servos for RC airplanes for >10 years.
> One thing to watch out for is that all servo splines are
> NOT the same.  In particular, I know that Futaba and JR
> servos use a different spline.
> I can't remember the EXACT details whether they can still 
> be force fit or not.  (I'm at work, the servos are at 
> home - I'll try to get the exact details tonight.)
> Anyway, VERY good news.  This opens up some great 
> possibilities.
> 				- Dan Miner
> > From: James, Bill [mailto:w-james2 at ti.com]
> > 
> > We can now attach plastic timing gears to hobby servos. Last 
> > night I drilled and splined some of those plastic timing gears 
> [...snip...]


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