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DPRG: Recent DPRG Talent Show

Subject: DPRG: Recent DPRG Talent Show
From: Jason Plumb z9d58 at ttacs.ttu.edu
Date: Sun Jun 13 21:23:17 CDT 1999

At 07:52 PM 6/13/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>Does anyone have the names of the two guys from Texas Tech that showed
>off their fire fighting robot?  I need this information to complete the
>titles for the video.  If you know, and can tell me which guy was which,
>that would be even better.  (ie. One guy had a Coca-Cola shirt)

It was John Walter (coke shirt) and Jason Plumb (gregarius shirt)...but
credit is definately due to Brent Short (hard working member of the
team...apparently too shy to talk). :)

- -Jason


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