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DPRG: GRiD laptop

Subject: DPRG: GRiD laptop
From: Gary Croll gary.croll at ucr.edu
Date: Tue Jun 15 10:02:02 CDT 1999

>>Someone gave me a GRiD laptop computer... 

At the electronic swapmeet Saturday, the guy next to me had a box of
"handheld" pen based computers also made by GRiD. These were in various
states of disassembly and I was able to see they were powered by an Intel
386. They were fairly large 6" x 10" approximately and had several ports
using sub-mini DB-9 & DB-25 connectors. The back of the case had a molded
foam pad as if contoured to be strapped to the leg, (or something). If
there is any information floating around about these things, it might be
worth me buying them. He came down to $20.00 for the box and there were at
least 6 units. 

Ring any bells?


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