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DPRG: RBNO next tuesday

Subject: DPRG: RBNO next tuesday
From: James, Bill w-james2 at ti.com
Date: Fri Jun 18 09:09:29 CDT 1999

I have received permission to hold a Robot Builder night out at my house. I
live a little west of Central off of Spring Creek in Plano. My address is
724 Wedgegate Dr, Plano. Home phone number is 972.422.9851. We can do the
pizza thing like we do at Barry's house. 
I expect that this will be a little closer to alot of people, so I hope that
you will come and work on your bots. 
Beerbot will be there, and I can show you how he is doing. 

Soldering iron,  duh of course
Sherwood mill (Robert's) 
Sherwood lathe (Robert's)
computers, two of them
Drill press 
Saber, hack saw.
Pic programmer

How to get to my house, I live behind the Lowes and Walmart that are one
Spring Creek and Central. From Central and Spring Creek go west on Spring
Creek. Pass the first light on the right is Clark High School, turn left on
Eagle pass, it is across from the school. Drive south down Eagle Pass to the
stop sign, turn left on to Lookout. Follow it around the park which should
be on your right. Wedgegate will be on your left, turn left on to it, my
house is the second one on the right.

Ralph sent me a message stating he may able to give a demonstration of
surface mount soldering. I have been playing with Eagle software, and  can
show alittle and maybe someone else can show something too. 

So come on over, I will be home by 4:30, so if you want to come by right
after work and get to work on you bots, that is cool. That is what I do when
I go to Barry's house, saves lots of transit time.

Bill James 
w-james2 at ti.com
Single Supply OpAmps
Precision Analog             Texas Instruments
work 972.480.2306          972.598.6201 pager

Have Spacesuit will travel------Polymath in Training


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