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DPRG: Re: HELP! Unobtanium transistor

Subject: DPRG: Re: HELP! Unobtanium transistor
From: Randy Carter rwcarter at wa.freei.net
Date: Fri Jun 18 11:17:51 CDT 1999

You are correct.  If the part is a Japanese transistor it is a
2SA1328.  1994 transistor cross book says it is equivalent to
2SB826 and 2SA1444.  Spec book says: Vcbo=60V, Vceo=50V ,Ic=12A,
Pc=40W, Vcb=60V, HFE=70 TO 240, F=70MHz, Ton=0.3uS, Toff=0.5uS,

> "Jeffrey T. Birt" wrote:
> I a fit a temporary insanity (that's my story and I'm stickn'
> to it) I failed to insure that the transistor insulating sheets
> were all in place while remounting a switching power supply.
> Needless to say the transistor in question is now toast.  It's
> labeled A1328 which I assume is 2SA1328. The manufacturers mark
> is a big capitol T.  The power supply is made by Toshiba.  I
> have done MANY searches and can not dig up any info on this
> transistor.  Could it be a house numbered part.  Any ideas on
> how to find an equivalent?
> Jeff Birt
> Halfway, Missouri


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