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DPRG: Re: RE-99V3-ND & TX-99V3-ND

Subject: DPRG: Re: RE-99V3-ND & TX-99V3-ND
From: Wade A Smith warm38 at juno.com
Date: Sat Jun 19 07:44:26 CDT 1999

>I would like to do it, anyone else???  If we get at least 25 sets
>We can go ahead and order them, otherwise we'll probably not
>want to do it.  25 sets would be $250 or thereabouts.
>NAME		# sets	Cost
>-----------	------	-------
>Jim Brown	4	$40	
>Bill Coron	2	$22	(+?$2? to send to NJ)
>James Vroman	3	$30	(3 one way sets??? are you 
>sure 3 & not 4?)
>Eric Yundt	10	$100
>Mike McCarty	1	$10
>Alan Bredon	2	$20
>Jim Munro	3	$32	(+?$2? to send to NJ)
>Bill James	2	$20

Wade the ferner 5       $55     (+a little to get them to the fern cuntry
of Flour-dough)

>-----------	------	-------

>DPRG MEMBER'S ONLY PLEASE!!!  For Membership info, send mail to
>Robert Jordan at rljordan at airmail.net or Barry Jordan at
>barry_jordan at email.msn.com .

Since I paid up in late 98 (before Treas Jordan took over) I
sorta figure I'm able to pick up 5 pairs.

Who/where do I send the dough?  To whom do I make my check?

C'mon!  Gimme uh address an un name tu!

wade "th' flour-dough ferner" smith
(can you imagine? there are people that spell "fern" long-ways as

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