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DPRG: re: RE-99V3-ND & TX-99V3-ND

Subject: DPRG: re: RE-99V3-ND & TX-99V3-ND
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Sun Jun 20 11:01:20 CDT 1999

Did you decide on how many units you want?
I have you on the list for one set, do you want more?
Robert Jordan

MIKE MCCARTY -- 93789 wrote:

> )Mike McCarty   1       $10
> Hang on, I said a couple. I need to think a bit, and see whether I can
> use them.
> You saw what I want to do.
> I'd need a pair Xmit/Xcv for each unit plus base. I prolly want 4 or 5
> pairs in all. But let's talk a bit more first, please.
> Mike
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