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DPRG: **** ANNOUNCEMENT **** - Off topic :)

Subject: DPRG: **** ANNOUNCEMENT **** - Off topic :)
From: Wade A Smith warm38 at juno.com
Date: Mon Jun 21 05:47:29 CDT 1999

Yeah, what Jim said!
On Sun, 20 Jun 1999 06:37:32 -0500 Jim Brown <brownjim at airmail.net>
>At 12:07 AM 6/20/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>Tonight Delynda and I performed in the Denton Light Opera's fund 
>>show.  She was a "Bond Girl", and I was a Cowboy and a Vampire.
>>We were suprised when one of the soloists introduced herself as none
>>other than the wife of David Anderson.
>>The other suprise of the evening was when Delynda was called up 
>>at the post show cast party, by the director.  Who handed me the
>>microphone and I proposed to Delynda and gave her an engagement ring.
>>Delynda was very surprised!  And she said yes.
>>We have not set a wedding date yet.

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