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DPRG: RBNO next tuesday

Subject: DPRG: RBNO next tuesday
From: James, Bill w-james2 at ti.com
Date: Mon Jun 21 08:10:02 CDT 1999

Well, I guess I need to say when. Tomorrow night. Tuesday 6-21-99, I will be
hosting an RBNO.

To Chris Franz, RBNO would be a good place to pick up tips on building a
robot. Come on by. 

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I missed the date!
Robert Jordan

James, Bill wrote:

> I have received permission to hold a Robot Builder night out at my house.
> live a little west of Central off of Spring Creek in Plano. My address is
> 724 Wedgegate Dr, Plano. Home phone number is 972.422.9851. We can do the
> pizza thing like we do at Barry's house.
> I expect that this will be a little closer to alot of people, so I hope
> you will come and work on your bots.
> Beerbot will be there, and I can show you how he is doing.
> Tools:
> Soldering iron,  duh of course
> Scope
> Sherwood mill (Robert's)
> Sherwood lathe (Robert's)
> computers, two of them
> Drill press
> Saber, hack saw.
> Files
> Taps
> Pic programmer
> How to get to my house, I live behind the Lowes and Walmart that are one
> Spring Creek and Central. From Central and Spring Creek go west on Spring
> Creek. Pass the first light on the right is Clark High School, turn left
> Eagle pass, it is across from the school. Drive south down Eagle Pass to
> stop sign, turn left on to Lookout. Follow it around the park which should
> be on your right. Wedgegate will be on your left, turn left on to it, my
> house is the second one on the right.
> Ralph sent me a message stating he may able to give a demonstration of
> surface mount soldering. I have been playing with Eagle software, and  can
> show alittle and maybe someone else can show something too.
> So come on over, I will be home by 4:30, so if you want to come by right
> after work and get to work on you bots, that is cool. That is what I do
> I go to Barry's house, saves lots of transit time.
> Bill James
> w-james2 at ti.com
> Single Supply OpAmps
> Precision Analog             Texas Instruments
> work 972.480.2306          972.598.6201 pager
> Have Spacesuit will travel------Polymath in Training


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