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DPRG: proposal

Subject: DPRG: proposal
From: David Philip Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Mon Jun 21 13:40:22 CDT 1999


> Tonight Delynda and I performed in the Denton Light Opera's fund rasing
> show.  She was a "Bond Girl", and I was a Cowboy and a Vampire.
> We were suprised when one of the soloists introduced herself as none
> other than the wife of David Anderson.

I wondered if her fund raiser and Kip's were the same event!

> The other suprise of the evening was when Delynda was called up front,
> at the post show cast party, by the director.  Who handed me the
> microphone and I proposed to Delynda and gave her an engagement ring.
> Delynda was very surprised!  And she said yes.
> We have not set a wedding date yet.
> Kip

So I asked her if she recognized Kip, one of the guys from the Dallas robot
group, and she said yes, they got engaged after the show tonight.  Amazing.




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