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DPRG: pcbug

Subject: DPRG: pcbug
From: Dinh Bowman bowdinh at u.washington.edu
Date: Mon Jun 21 21:50:17 CDT 1999

> PCBug used to work on my old 486, but now on a PII300 it crashes or can't
> communicate with my 68hc11. I remember reading something about this once but
> I couldn't find it... how do I fix it?

Well, first make sure on our PII to run it in DOS instead of a DOS window.
Also try http://www.seanet.com/~karllunt/pcbug11a.htm
Karl modified PCBUG11 to run on faster machines without having timeout

Good Luck!

Thank you kindly,

- -Dinh Bowman-


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