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DPRG: RBNO Tueday 6-22-99

Subject: DPRG: RBNO Tueday 6-22-99
From: Chris Franz cfranz at ticnet.com
Date: Thu Jun 24 01:01:20 CDT 1999

Hey Bill,

The servo was an Expert SL500.  The main problem with the servo was that we
could not get the circuit out to cut the pot.  But I got it to work without
disconnecting the pot.  I cut off the tab that prevented the servo from
spinning 360 degrees.  The main gear that you conntect whatever to was also
attached to the pot so I ground the shaft down with my dremel so that the
gear no longer moved the pot.  Then I can center the pot and glue it so
that it won't move.  Thanks to everyone at RBNO that helped me with this!!!

Chris Franz

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>From: James, Bill <w-james2 at ti.com>
To: 'Dallas Personal Robotics Group' <dprglist at dprg.org>
Subject: DPRG: RBNO Tueday 6-22-99
Date: Wednesday, June 23, 1999 10:28 AM

Just a short recap of the activities of last night. 
We had a decent turn out last night. 
Bill James (of course his house)
Ralph Tenny
Jeff Koenig
Clay Timmons 
Barry Jordon
Danny Black 
Chris Franz

Ralph demonstrated how to solder surface mount device. He also showed us
different form they can come in and how to remove the from board. He said
will write it up for posting on the web. 

Discussions included.
Of course I got to show Beerbot to everyone. 
Chris and I both have obtained servo's from the local hobby shop. I forget
the name of the servo, it starts with an E. But they are alittle more
difficult to modify. One was dissembled and we all took a try at how to do
it. I would suggust using a different brand for modifiy. I am using mine
unmodified to move the arm. 
Clay brought some motors, he needed the gear removed from the shaft. With
Barry holding the motor, Jeff manipulating the two screw drivers and me
the propane torch, we were able to remove them with out any problem. 
There was also a discussion on Clay's claw ideas. He brought some all
thread, motors and we discussed different mounting methods.

Pizza from Pappa Johns was served. Also I provides samples of some
homebrew stout for those how wanted it. Everyone that tasted it, liked it,
and a couple of people went back for extra samples. 

There was other discussions, I will let the rest of the group comment on
those if they want. 

By the way, the question was asked. "What is a Polymath in training" The
term Polymath, I got from a book by John Brunner. It is about the highly
trained person sent with the colonist, to assist in colonizing the planet. 

>From Websters Dictonary
Main Entry: poly·math
Pronunciation: 'pä-lE-"math
Function: noun
Etymology: Greek polymathEs very learned, from poly- + manthanein to learn
- -- more at MATHEMATICAL
Date: 1621
: a person of encyclopedic learning
- - polymath or poly·mathematici

Oblivious I have not quite learned enough, so therefor I am still in
training. See here for more. http://web2.airmail.net/a0008904/

Of course "Have Spacesuit will Travel" is instantly recongized as the title
of a book by Robert Heinlein. 

Bill James 
w-james2 at ti.com
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Precision Analog             Texas Instruments
work 972.480.2306          972.598.6201 pager

Have Spacesuit will travel------Polymath in Training

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