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Subject: DPRG: PalmIII
From: Coron, Bill BCoron at rudolphtech.com
Date: Fri Jun 25 09:08:46 CDT 1999

All of the palm shareware sites have a software based utility to kill the
power-down function.

When they released the palm III, they offered a trade up program where you
could trade in your older model for $50.
I'm trying to contact someone at 3com and see if the traded in  models are
available cheap.

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> 	The only possible problems I know of are its tendency to sleep to
> preserve battery life.  There is a protocol to wake it up via the serial
> port.  At that rate, it would go through its AAA batteries in a hurry.  I
> would recommend you develop an AAA adaptor to allow you to power it from a
> larger battery.  I suspect D cells would power it for months of continuous
> operation.


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