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DPRG: EZ Servo Mod

Subject: DPRG: EZ Servo Mod
From: barry jordan barry_jordan at email.msn.com
Date: Fri Jun 25 22:11:23 CDT 1999

Robert and Ralph,
>This means that if I turn the pot 3/4, the correct direction, the
>speed the servo goes in reverse will be slower that the speed it goes in
>forward. Also, this means I have more options on forward speed as fast is
>faster and further from the "dead" end where slow means too little power to
>drive the servo slow. I like this.

Don't get to excited guys.
Unfortunately, I don't think the servos work quite like you wish they would.
What it does mean is:
If your pot is not centered at the frequency you think is neutral, your
robot will be moving in some unknown direction.

Barry Jordan
Happy Trails To You


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