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Subject: DPRG: [Fwd: FW: Fw: (5 cent surcharge on email)] (fwd)
From: Coron, Bill BCoron at rudolphtech.com
Date: Mon Jun 28 07:17:06 CDT 1999

You may find that most emails that say "send this to everyone you know" are
nothing but chain mail.  This whole email tax thing is just to motivate you
to spread it.  I don't know why people do this, but after a while you begin
to see right through it.  I deleted it as soon as I read it.

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Interesting, I haven't been able to locate this bill.


I checked the 106th congress bills and didn't come across any 
on this subject.  HR 602 is for bennifits for federal workers 
(add long term care insurance option), and SR 602 is to limit 
the IRS.  A search for bills with Postal in them also came up
negative for any with an EMail surcharge.

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