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DPRG: Re: laser weapons

Subject: DPRG: Re: laser weapons
From: Ralph Tenny rten at polaris.nstar.net
Date: Wed Mar 3 16:00:38 CST 1999

I guess this calls for a pinhole to focus the sun's image onto the
photocell (as in safe viewing of an eclipse), with a shroud to minimize
other incident radiation, then compare this to the laser output?

On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, Matt Minnis wrote:

> The CDS cell will be more affected by the sun since it is hitting whole
> surface, where the laser is a point source to it.
> >I set up a simple experiment using a common cadmium-sulfide photo-
> >cell and an 8 bit A/D converter.  I shined two different laser
> >pointers at the cell from a distance of four feet and took
> >readings.  I also set the cell in direct sunlight, at noon and
> >4 pm, and took readings.  Admittedly this is un-calibrated and
> >not very scientific, but the direct sunlight readings were
> >consistently higher (brighter) than either laser pointer, or
> >even both combined.
> Poor froggies.  :)
> They could just ask them to read from the eye charts.  ;-)
> I guess we just don't know frog enough to understand.
> >Does anyone know of any real studies done on this?  Articles in
> >scientific journals would be a good start.  Maybe someone has
> >forced some poor frogs to stare into laser pointers and then
> >dissected their eyes?
> Thanks,
> Matt Minnis
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