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DPRG: Re: laser weapons

Subject: DPRG: Re: laser weapons
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Wed Mar 3 17:54:17 CST 1999

Interesting study. Looks like the sunlight would have to be restriced to
passing thru an apature the same diamater as the laser pointers beam
diameter to be even a close comparison. Photocells average light as well
as being more sesitive to certain teperature or colors. At MCI we use
several lasers. Even the same "power" lasers have different effects in
the same media as "transparancy' varies at different wave lengths. That
is why we use "invisiable' laser on the fiber as it will go about 5-15
miles in a fiber with 4-5 splices and still be readable. The visiable
test laser you can see works much less distance.

You might put SMU on you email and ask Monseto, Perrilli (Photonic
repeater Mfgr), etc. I bet they would have info. Write the question up
so it has the technical phrasing to be specific and I'll pass it around
work. Might find some iteresting answers.

I have access to fiber, test lasers, some cute demos, fiber magnifyer,
etc. if we need a show and tell sometime.
Robert Jordan

David Philip Anderson wrote:

> Howdy DPRG.
> john.r.strohm writes:
> >Wrong.
> <snip>
> Which?  That low-power laser pointers can cause eye damage or
> that staring straight into the sun cannot?
> I set up a simple experiment using a common cadmium-sulfide photo-
> cell and an 8 bit A/D converter.  I shined two different laser
> pointers at the cell from a distance of four feet and took
> readings.  I also set the cell in direct sunlight, at noon and
> 4 pm, and took readings.  Admittedly this is un-calibrated and
> not very scientific, but the direct sunlight readings were
> consistently higher (brighter) than either laser pointer, or
> even both combined.
> Most instructive...  My interest was in documented evidence of
> real eye damage caused by over-the-counter type laser pointers.
> What we've gotten so far is hand-waving and anecdotal accounts.
> Science, folks, science.  If we accept the "well I heard once"
> or "our local city council decided" or "the local paper reported"
> as hard evidence then I can prove the existence of mermaids and
> the veracity of astrology and the psychic hot-line.
> Does anyone know of any real studies done on this?  Articles in
> scientific journals would be a good start.  Maybe someone has
> forced some poor frogs to stare into laser pointers and then
> dissected their eyes?
> just curious,
> dpa


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