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DPRG: DPRG list update...

Subject: DPRG: DPRG list update...
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Wed Mar 3 19:26:30 CST 1999

R Steven,
Thanks for all the work. You are a diligent servant and a good friend to The Club.
Let us know if we may be of service to you in return. I really appreciate the
opportunity to communicate so easily and inexpensively with all the great talent
on the list.
Keep up the good work!!

Robert Jordan
DPRG Secretary into the Millennium

R. Steven Rainwater wrote:

> The list should be mostly back to normal.  We may have to do
> another series of upgrades later this week that would require
> taking it offline for a couple of hours again.  I'll post a
> warning if that happens.  Otherwise, email me if anything
> seems out of whack with the list.
> -Steve
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