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DPRG: laser-resal

Subject: DPRG: laser-resal
From: Robert Singleton slugmusk at alias.flash.net
Date: Thu Mar 4 00:31:26 CST 1999

David Philip Anderson wrote:

> The posting from john.r.strohm earlier suggested that something called the
> "aversion reflex" was able to save us from low-power laser injury, and I'll
> bet this is on the order of 1/10th second or more.  

I remember a thread on this list, maybe as much as a year ago,
discussing reflex timing...

An interesting bit of sorta-trivia that I read somewhere is that fighter
pilots have reflex times running at or below about 400mS.  That is, in
simulated dogfight situations, the time delay between a directional
change of the plane they were chasing and the reactionary input to the
stick was about 600mS. So, from the time they realize that the other
plane is changing directions, figure out which direction to react and
how much then move the stick is just short of a half second.

> My reflexes are perhaps not representative, damaged, as it were, by decades 
> of abuse and the excesses of my misspent youth.   But even in my prime they 
> were no where near sub-microsecond!

My reflexes, while not exceptional, are probably a shy bit faster than
the average for someone my age, size, etc. I attribute that to decades
of abuse and the excesses of my misspent youth! 

Robert Singleton


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