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DPRG: laser weapons

Subject: DPRG: laser weapons
From: Alan Bredon abredon at imagin.net
Date: Thu Mar 4 13:52:04 CST 1999

Martin Spencer wrote:
> Since no fixed lasers were completely, totally, always safe we
> did decide that if the laser was constantly moving, then _no_ eye
> damage could occur.  The exposure time would be inherently too
> brief.   Hence a lockout was proposed such that if the scanner
> was not moving, the laser could not be on....

If the laser is "statically scanned" such as with a line generating lens
as Dan is doing, then the failure mode of the scanning motor is
eliminated.  The downside is that the beam intensity at any one point is
not full power, but the upside is that it there for a long time and
there would be no beat with the camera scan frequency.

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