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DPRG: Contestants please read this

Subject: DPRG: Contestants please read this
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at cadence.com
Date: Thu Mar 4 18:28:11 CST 1999


A few before, during, and after contest pointers.


 Check in with the judges, give your name and robot name
 for each entry for each contest.

 Calibrate, tape, tweak, re-write etc. so that you are 
 ready to run.


 State your name and your robot's name clearly for the video.

 Time is limited so keep things moving.  

 Narrate while your robot is running.

 Have fun and be happy. (even if your robot is having a bad day)


 Try and place all robots somewhere (in the back?) where people
 can view them after the contest.

 Encourage others to join the club and build robots!

 Write up a short article on your robot for the newsletter.

 Capture your thoughts on how to make the next contest better,
 judging, scoring, setup, course, time, crowd control etc.
 Save them till we get close to the next contest.

Good Luck,

- -Clay Timmons-


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