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DPRG: sunlight test data

Subject: DPRG: sunlight test data
From: Robert Singleton slugmusk at alias.flash.net
Date: Thu Mar 4 19:22:13 CST 1999

David Philip Anderson wrote:

> I rebuilt my test jig and ran some perhaps more careful experiments.

Well done!

Your summary is exemplary, as well. :)

It also helps verify that often, you just can't beat a good set of
empirical data!

As an aside, I was pleased to see that CdS cells are indeed sensitive to
UV, at least to the degree that a UV filter cut 50-75% of the reading
compared to unfiltered tests, leading credence to the notion that the
use of an ultraviolet bandpass filter might let a CdS cell serve as an
inexpensive flame detector or verifier.

> In the meantime I've seen and heard nothing yet to convince me that 
> this isn't just another urban myth, with no real grounding in fact.

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Robert Singleton


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