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DPRG: Return of the confident builder

Subject: DPRG: Return of the confident builder
From: J. Reeves Hall reeves at earthling.net
Date: Sat Mar 6 22:29:07 CST 1999

The confident builder went back to his lair
Possessed by a mix of hope and despair
The rules were clear and the contest was fair
He'd tried his hardest, but his bot wasn't there...

He set the bot down and he turned on the switch
He paused for a moment to scratch an ear itch
While he wasn't looking his bot hiked a hitch
It was under some table, but he didn't know which!

Things had turned bad, it was just as he feared
He was ready to build but his bot disappeared
He'd seen lots of problems but this really was weird
He called out its name, but PICbot just sneered...

It shot out the door and drove down the street
Its wheels were faster than Builder's bare feet
The scene was resemblant of a cross country meet
Our noble PICbot would rather run than compete!

Somewhere on Earth, in a land far away
There's a place where free robots self-govern and stay
Every year on March 6 they gather and say
"We're free-roving robots; we run free today!"

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