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DPRG: sunlight test data

Subject: DPRG: sunlight test data
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Sat Mar 6 22:38:23 CST 1999

How did Plano Police Department settle up with the guy. Do they STILL use those
Robert JOrdan0

john.r.strohm at bix.com wrote:

> >> In the meantime I've seen and heard nothing yet to convince me that
> >> this isn't just another urban myth, with no real grounding in fact.
> >
> >Introducing the new Elvis Laser Stolen Kidney Pointer Refund Good Times
> >Letter, now with Retsyn!  Your mileage may vary....
> Classmates of mine were doing laser eye safety research, using rabbits as
> test subjects, in the late 1970s.
> This is where the modern laser safety guidelines came from.
> Around the same time, as I recall, a helicopter pilot over Los Angeles lost
> most of his vision, permanently, when he flew through the beam of a
> blue-green argon laser.  The laser was being operated by a technician who
> worked for one of the concert light show companies.  He claimed he'd been
> working on the laser, and had fired it into the air for testing purposes.
> The chopper was somewhere between several hundred and a few thousand feet
> above the ground at the time.
> More recently, a friend of mine has permanent eye damage from a Plano
> Police Department laser speed gun.  The officer was working from one of the
> overpasses across 75, and got a lucky hit square on the guy's face.  This
> is a pulsed laser, not a continuous one.  My friend is now permanently
> barred from working on laser systems; the risk of losing his eyesight
> completely to another accident is too high.  (That, incidentally, is one of
> the other rules.  If you ever do manage to have a laser eyesight accident,
> you are barred from working on laser systems for the rest of your life.)


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