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DPRG: IR Sensors Update

Subject: DPRG: IR Sensors Update
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Sat Mar 6 23:10:11 CST 1999


I'm the club Secretary and had to miss most all of the contest. Sorry.
Lab puppy with a whiplash collar and $400 in Dr bills. Good news is he
will be OK. Still don't know what he did, no dead cats or broken stuff
or blood! (???)

I arrived at 2:00 and delivered some of the Sharp GP2DO2 IR rangers. If
you ordered some and did not get them, let me know and I'll get to you;
mail them to you or something. rljordan at airmail.net

There are 2 GP2DO5 IR distance detectors spare. The GP2DO2 IR rangers
are all spoken for.

Robert JOrdan


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