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DPRG: Austin Chapter of DPRG :-)

Subject: DPRG: Austin Chapter of DPRG :-)
From: Brad Garton bgart at iadfw.net
Date: Sun Mar 7 07:46:37 CST 1999

My new address is: 	Brad Garton
			12822 Trail Driver
			Austin, Texas 78737
Phone:			512-301-3232

Email adresses:		bgart at iadfw.net  (home)
			b_garton at qlc.com (work)

I found the box with my robot in it!!!! Now if I could just clear
enough space to work on it.


>On Tue, 9 Feb 1999 13:58:38 -0600 , you wrote:
>>I'm willing to be a "member" but I've got NO time to be an
>>officer or similar.  
>Agreed, I will email the list when I get down there and connected. 
>>When/where is APRG's first meeting?  :-)
>Sometime in March! TBD


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