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DPRG: Re: Great Contest!

Subject: DPRG: Re: Great Contest!
From: David Philip Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Mon Mar 8 13:41:42 CST 1999

Howdy DPRG,

Fun contest!  Lots of new entries, I am especially impressed to see kids
showing up with their mind-storms, this is greatly to be encouraged! 
I don't know the stats, but it seems like we had more robots actually
complete the course this time than previously, and lots of excitement.
Well run, much shorter than last year (1:30 vs 3:00+), congrats all around.

Speaking of Lego mind-storms, it seems a shame that someone like Ed's son
James, who's robot actually completed the line following course, didn't
get some kind of public recognition.  Any 9-year-old that can get a robot
to complete the course should get TONS of encouragement.  An award a month
later is way too late for a kid, it needs to be directly associated with the
event.  We should re-think this.

Howabout we pre-print a stack of certificates before the contest, of
two varieties.  #1, the "I built a robot and was actually brave enough
to show up for the contest with it" award, to be given to everyone who
enters, and #2, the "DPRG Hall of Fame, my robot completed the course"
award for each robot that finishes the course, no matter how they place.

Then we can make fancier awards for the actual contest winners later, if
that's desired.



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