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DPRG: robot names

Subject: DPRG: robot names
From: David Philip Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Mon Mar 8 20:02:31 CST 1999

Roger Robot sez...

> I've suped up an ARobot with sonar, compass,
> speech, break-away door handles, and fuel injected
> windshield wipers and have decided to rename it "501c" because
> the DPRG's non-profit status has been a major hold-up on
> my robot development.  But now I'm really cookin!
> It will be at the next contest to kick some Anderson!

I like it!

        Clash of the Can-Collecting Titans!  
        "501c(3)" vs. "Nude with Violin"
        Coming soon to a theater near you!

> I mean that in the kindest way, David.  :)

(what exactly is the kindest way to kick some Anderson?)



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