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DPRG: Needs Survey Repost

Subject: DPRG: Needs Survey Repost
From: Roger Arrick rarrick at ix.netcom.com
Date: Mon Mar 8 20:18:00 CST 1999

Since contest fever has circumvented the previous posting
of the "needs survey", please respond......

I will post the results.


Needs Survey:

In order that we learn what robot builders actually need to
succeed and therefore allow the DPRG to succeed, I suggest 
that we take this little survey.  Please only answer this
if you are actually in the process of building a robot or
have built one in the past.  The reason is that the answer
may not be obvious until you actually do this.


What is the single biggest NEED you have concerning your
robot building?  In other words, what would help you most
succeed in your endevor?

Answers: (select only one with an 'X' )

_____  metal/plastic/wood working equipment (drills, saws,etc)

_____  hardware knowledge

_____  software knowledge

_____  money

_____  parts (sorta money right?)

_____  software develoment equipment/products (compiliers,burners)

_____  hardware develoment equipment/products/test (scopes,meters)

_____  time

_____  enthuesiasm

_____  ideas

_____  work area

_____  anyone to talk to

_____  Other

Your name: ____________________
Blood type: ____________________
Shoe size: ____________________


I know what the answer is, but let's do it anyway.

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