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DPRG: off topic: Power Supply

Subject: DPRG: off topic: Power Supply
From: Ferialb at www.dci.co.ir Ferialb at www.dci.co.ir
Date: Tue Mar 9 01:11:46 CST 1999

Hello everybody, sorry for an off topic question (hope makes no
interference in Roger and DPA quarrel, I like that :)

Well, I'm sure that we have some experts in this field:

 I'm going to build a power supply for a critical application. There is
a need for 24V DC @ 4A. Two switching PS (each one is a 24V DC @ 4A)
will get parallel (using diodes) to ensure high reliability. There is
also a need to a supervisory circuit for power supplies and diodes which
parallel them.
 I don't know if using diodes to parallel two PS is a good idea or not
and I don't know what are the best to be checked out by supervisory
circuit, (under/over voltage before/after diodes? what if a diode burns

 Thanks in advance,
  Hamid Reza Badili
   mailto:Ferialb at www.dci.co.ir

P.S. Roger, I may later collect your emails in a book and publish
them :-)


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