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Subject: DPRG: member-info
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at cadence.com
Date: Tue Mar 9 11:24:51 CST 1999

At 07:11 AM 3/9/99 -0600, you wrote:
>>I have been listening in on the DPRG listserv for some time now.  At your
>Saturday contest I brought four students from Haltom High School that are
>part of the Haltom Robotics Team.  These students want to build some robots
>for your next competition.  I have several questions/observations and you
>may want to think before you answer as there are several high school
>robotics team in the DFW area, about 30 teams within a one hour drive of
>DFW Airport.
>>1.    Do the students need to be members of the DPRG as individuals in
>order to 
>>        compete?

Obviously the more the merrier.  Technically (according to contest rules)
contestants are supposed to be members.  This issue has not come up
before and I will propose that we open the contest to students and
children under 15.

>>2.    Does your group/club/team allow clubs to join?  Can Haltom Robotics
>>        become a member of DPRG?

This has never come up before either.  Currently we only have indivdual
members.  Hopefully answer #1 will be enough to let you compete.  If needed
we can probably revise membership to allow clubs as well as individuals. 

>>3.    What is the relationship of each member of Haltom Robotics Team to
>>        DPRG.?

With answer #1 each could be a offical club member.

>>4.    If I am a member of DPRG, can the kids compete "under my membership"?
>>    I'm truly not attempting to "stir things up" but I can see this
>becomming somewhat of an issue.  My students are interested in competing in
>your contests.  They are already making plans for your next competition.

Currently the rules allow this - "The contests are open to all DPRG members. 
The competing member may enter a robot owned by a non-member."

Thanks for getting these students involved in robotics.  Having students 
compete in DPRG contests is exactly what our club is chartered to do.
Promote robotics, that is.   

Get your robots ready and keep in touch.   We will adapt our membership
and contest rules as needed to accomodate.

- -Clay Timmons-   1999 DPRG President


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