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DPRG: Contest Walls

Subject: DPRG: Contest Walls
From: David Philip Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Tue Mar 9 10:05:59 CST 1999


Leonel writes:

> The walls of my test course at home were beige latex walls.  They were about
> twice as reflective to IR than the DPRG course walls.  In other words, KT-1
> (my robot) would navigate the walls at home about 12 inches away with fresh
> batteries, with the IR LED's detuned all the way.  At the DPRG course, KT-1
> would come very close to touching the walls during trial runs.
> I made the IR LED's 25% more sensitive to get about 3 inches from the
> contest walls.  My IR LED sensors sit about 4.5 inches from the floor.  I
> was surprised at how much the DPRG walls did not reflect IR.  You would
> think that white paper covered walls would reflect mor than biege latex
>    covered walls.

My robot can normally see a nice white wall, cardboard box, etc at about
30 inches.  At the contest this was more like 12 inches.  However, this
was also the case for the white cloth bag that I had it dodge in the
TTime contest.  I believe the lighting in the contest room, and not the
material of the contest walls, is the culprit.  Should be easy to test.



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