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Subject: DPRG: BOUNCE dprglist@dprg.org: Admin request of type
From: Charles thurston at spindle.net
Date: Wed Mar 10 12:37:26 CST 1999

Hello Eric,

Wednesday, Wednesday, March 10, 1999, you wrote:

EY> Charles wrote:
>> Is there a chance someone could scan the pict and story and send us
>> out of towners ?  Darn miss all the good times.

EY> I scanned the Dallas Morning News blurb and picture and have
EY> them online at:

EY>         http://www.doorbell.com/yatu

EY> To see it either take the "RoboRama 99.a In The News" link or
EY> click on the thumbnail image of SR04 using its divining rods to
EY> follow the line.

EY> Newspapers don't seem to scan very well but it's readable.

EY> --
EY> Eric

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Great  Thanks

Best regards,
 Charles                            mailto:thurston at spindle.net


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