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DPRG: Needs Survey Repost

Subject: DPRG: Needs Survey Repost
From: David Philip Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Wed Mar 10 16:06:00 CST 1999

Howdy DPRG.

This robot-building "Needs Survey" thread appears to have run into a
philosophical wall.  I believe that Roger first posted the survey to
make the point that what robot builders need most of all is time to
build their robots.  He has a sort of moral opposition to the governmental
stamp of a 501c(3) not-for-profit corporation and wants folks to be
aware that the time required to run such an organization will eat into
their already scarce robot building time.  This is probably true.

Clay and Alan and others have argued that what is needed to build robots
is not so much time as inspiration, and that it is the existence of the
DPRG club itself, with it's contests and commradery, that inspires robot
building.  Therefore they imply that things which grow the club in wisdom
and stature and favor with God and man like 501c(3) status are exactly what
is needed to encourage more roboting.  This is also probably true.

I myself have not answered the survey because I've been too busy working 
on my robot.  I've been saving my energy for an educational campaign to 
be launched shortly to convince the club to make some rules changes for 
the next contest.

And I don't believe that the two camps outlined above are going to
convince each other of anything.   Beliefs are not usually open to

two steps sideways,


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