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DPRG: Firefighting Contest - Shreveport

Subject: DPRG: Firefighting Contest - Shreveport
From: Dan Miner miner at centtech.com
Date: Wed Mar 10 16:06:28 CST 1999

The "real" contest ($1000. 1st prize) is in Hartford, CT
and is where I will go *IF* I'm ready.  If I'm not ready
or only half ready, I'll go to Shreveport.  They are 
both the same weekend.  (April 17-18)


I can't find the IEEE (Shreveport) contest URL.  
Does someone else have it?

				- Dan Miner

> From: Vicki Taylor [mailto:vicktay at yahoo.com]
> How many people, robots?, are going to the firefighting contest in
> Shreveport?   I think it would be a great trip to convoy.   Anyone of
> interest?
> Dan:) do you have the info on the contest?  Where and When? 
> Vicki Taylor
> vicktay at yahoo.com


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