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DPRG: RoboRama 99.a

Subject: DPRG: RoboRama 99.a
From: Rivers rivers5 at home.com
Date: Fri Mar 12 16:18:45 CST 1999

After watching the tape, I was able to take Eric's list and reorder it
as follows.  I was also able to list the winners.  Please double check
your name for spelling...  This is the spelling I will use on the video.
- -Ed


RUN     ROBOT                   BUILDER

 1      Roaming Rover           Nick Valentine
 2      Aribot (A-Rib-Bot)      James Vroman
 3      Lego Line Tractor       Dan Miner (First Place)
 4      Eye Robot               Clay Timmons (Second Place)
 5      SR04                    David Anderson (Third Place)
 6      Bupedd                  James Koffeman
W/D     <No Name>               Roger Palmer (Renaissance School)


RUN     ROBOT                   BUILDER

 1      Piddly Bot              Danny Black
 2      <No Name>               Roger Palmer (Renaissance School)
 3      Skitzo                  Fred McNabb
 4      McBot                   Robert Allen
 5      KT-1                    Leonel Saenz (Second Place)
 6      Veeger                  Barry Burch (Third Place)
 7      Trilobot                Jim Brown
 8      SR04                    David Anderson (First Place)
 9      Brak                    Steve Moore
W/D     Aribot (A-Rib-Bot)      James Vroman


RUN     ROBOT                   BUILDER

 1      SR04                    David Anderson (First Place)
W/D     Biclops                 Ed Koffeman


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