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DPRG: Sonar

Subject: DPRG: Sonar
From: Eric Yundt eric at sssi.com
Date: Sat Mar 13 12:15:57 CST 1999


J. Reeves Hall wrote:
> What's the cheapest way to add sonar to a bot? $20 or so would be great
> (but I assume unlikely). 10 foot-6 inch range would be perfect. If
> that's not possible I could use IR for close-range wall detection. I'll
> use more than one sonar if I can, but I'll put it on a servo if that's
> too expensive. I plan to interface this to a PIC16F84 (I'll probably
> dedicate a PIC to sensors, separate from the main one).

I think we still have some of the bulk sonar sensor buy left.

These were pulls from cameras and not quite as easy to use as the normal
Polaroid ones, but still functional at around $15 for transducer and
little controller.

If we still have some left, Jim Brown probably has them...

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