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DPRG: RoboRama 99.a

Subject: DPRG: RoboRama 99.a
From: Eric Yundt eric at sssi.com
Date: Sat Mar 13 21:56:01 CST 1999

barry jordan wrote:
> >How about lunch for me if Rosie can't put on a simple demonstration
> >of Cognitive Navigation by the next regular DPRG meeting?
> Define Cognitive Navigation.
> I was quite confused and bored with that last thread so I deleted anything
> with a hint of that subject in it.
> Please keep it very simple.

How about...  being able to autonomously move about without
getting stuck?  Perhaps further defined by the stipulation that
an "active" method must be used to avoid getting stuck, and it
must be used on purpose to avoid getting stuck -- so things like
being greased down, or having a pointed nose, or having a spring
loaded bumper that pushes off of a wall, would not count even
though they very well might help avoid getting stuck.  Things
like making a "decision" to backup when a bump-switch is closed
or travelling down a hallway by being able to tell where the walls
are would count.

I think this would require the ability to sense, and react to the
environment while navigation.  Counting steps, or timing travel,
or unknowingly reacting to the environment would not count.

I really did plan to stop defining after the 1st sentence, but 
I couldn't help myself!

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