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DPRG: Sonar

Subject: DPRG: Sonar
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Sat Mar 13 22:57:19 CST 1999

The club bought sonar sensors for $13 each over a year ago. There may be
some left. We never got a group share thread going but some got them going.
You might ask Jim Brown as he was President at the time and built an
interface board. I have 2 I never got going but would like to get working.

Look also at this URL for some cheap ways to do it directly. If you get a
16F84 doing a "subsystem" approach I'd like to have the code.
Robert JOrdan
1999 DPRG Secretary

J. Reeves Hall wrote:

> It's now the fourth quarter at school, which means we get out at noon to
> work on senior projects. Mine is a robot. I'm currently focusing on the
> chassis, but in a few weeks I'll need to implement some sensors.
> What's the cheapest way to add sonar to a bot? $20 or so would be great
> (but I assume unlikely). 10 foot-6 inch range would be perfect. If
> that's not possible I could use IR for close-range wall detection. I'll
> use more than one sonar if I can, but I'll put it on a servo if that's
> too expensive. I plan to interface this to a PIC16F84 (I'll probably
> dedicate a PIC to sensors, separate from the main one).
> Thanks!
> -Reeves
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