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DPRG: Stepper Motors

Subject: DPRG: Stepper Motors
From: J. Reeves Hall reeves at earthling.net
Date: Sat Mar 13 23:24:10 CST 1999

Tanner's has some large ones. Perhaps too large.

- -Reeves

Stephen Moore wrote:

> Does anyone know where I can get some stepper motors (possibly locally)
> for a decent price. (the lower the better)
> Also if I can find ones with a gear head attached, that would be great!
> I'm looking into putting together a computer controlled camera mount. I
> was going to use DC gear head motors with PI or PID feedback control,
> but then found out that
> in reality holding a DC motor in a position doesn't work to well (i.e.
> breaking only helps if it starts to move.. so If I were doing time
> exposures, it would jiggle..)
> Steppers should hold it in place better, and If I gear it down, I could
> get some really fine resolution per step.
> Thanks for any help.
> -Steve

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