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DPRG: IR woes...

Subject: DPRG: IR woes...
From: J. Reeves Hall reeves at earthling.net
Date: Sun Mar 14 02:41:15 CST 1999

Well, I managed to explosively fry my second IR LED of the night...
That's 2 for 2... This time I was a bit more careful. I donned safety
goggles and tested the LED with a 10k resistor. No heating, but no IR
either. I then tried a 4k resistor. Nada. I put in a 5k pot, started it
a 5k, and began to rotate it to 0, while monitoring the resistance of
the detector. No signs of overheating, but no reading from the detector.
Then I hit zero and BOOM. It blew the lens straight off the LED this
time, leaving the rest of the epoxy undamaged...

I assume I'm doing something drastically wrong (yeah, like putting way
too much current through the LED perhaps?) Will some kind soul please
explain how this should be attached?

I'm just glad these are LED's and not microcontrollers.

Running out of CD tracks to play and components to burn,
- -Reeves

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