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DPRG: IR woes...

Subject: DPRG: IR woes...
From: Ed Koffeman edk at cyberramp.net
Date: Sun Mar 14 08:47:33 CST 1999


Just put a regular LED in series with the IR one.  If the regular one is
glowing, then the IR one will be too.  Makes a good power-on indicator too.

If you have a camcorder, use it to look at the IR LED to see if it is on
(you can check this using a TV remote control - if you can see the remote's
IR LED with your camcorder, then you will wee your own IR LED too.

Radio Shack used to sell an IR detector piece of plastic that flouresced
upwards intot he visible range, so it glowed red when hit by IR.  It works
great for seeing whether an IR LED is working.  I have Part #276-0099 $5.95
(I have never even opened the package - IR shines thru the bubble pack.)

If you are only using the Sharp-type IR detector, then that is why you are
not getting an IR indication.  Try pointing your TV remote at it.

The Sharp detector needs about 40 Khz pulses - use a 555. You can use short
ON times to cut power consumption and increase range.

Ed Koffeman


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