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DPRG: Battery Charging

Subject: DPRG: Battery Charging
From: Ralph Tenny rten at polaris.nstar.net
Date: Mon Mar 15 13:08:55 CST 1999

Obviously, your battery choice will affect the answers. See inserts.

On Mon, 15 Mar 1999, Matt Minnis wrote:

> What is invloved in charging batteries while the robot is "active" at a
> charging station?

> What should I do to protect the circuitry while charging?
# If the circuitry is fed by regulators, it should be adequately

> If I use 18v batteries, what voltage is proper to charge them at?
# Depends on the battery. NiCads are charged from a current source, which
means that the input voltage must be high enough to allow the current
source to regulate.

Sealed Lead Acid or Gel Cell batteries are charged from a constant voltage
source. Newer batteries are imprinted with charging information; this is
information on a 6V 3.4 Amp Hour battery:

Constant Voltage Charge
Cycle Use 7.25 ~ 7.45V (25 deg. C)
(Initial current less than 1.36 A)
Standby use 6.8 ~ 6.9 V (25 deg. C)

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