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DPRG: Re: servo hack

Subject: DPRG: Re: servo hack
From: C. Barry Ward cbward at idea-vision.com
Date: Mon Mar 15 23:56:08 CST 1999

>It has a PIC16C76 for each camera to extract the main features of the image
>in black and white - very rudimentary.

Ok ED,
            Being (as I'm) an old PIC at video rates kinda guy, armed with
just a dangerous amount of info in object recognition, you've got my

The can for example, do you look at just a scan line for a can width

Or more then one line with similar features line to line?

Details!, I need details!

C. Barry  Ward
cbward at idea-vision.com

Atlanta Hobby Robot Club
(check out the 3/5/99 Web Page Update!)


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