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DPRG: Re: servo hack

Subject: DPRG: Re: servo hack
From: Ed Koffeman edk at cyberramp.net
Date: Tue Mar 16 13:09:07 CST 1999

>Ok ED,
>            Being (as I'm) an old PIC at video rates kinda guy, armed with
>just a dangerous amount of info in object recognition, you've got my
>The can for example, do you look at just a scan line for a can width
>Or more then one line with similar features line to line?
>Details!, I need details!

I look at every-other scan line (read/process/read/process).

There are some basic things I watch for, but for the cans, I get a set of
information with the left edge location, the right edge, the top location,
and the bottom.  As well, the line where the leftmost and rightmost points

This allows me to differentiate a can  (or candle!) from a doorway line, for

For what it is intended for, it works fairly well, but in a living room for
example it'd be useless.

Ed Koffeman


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