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DPRG: Visual C++

Subject: DPRG: Visual C++
From: Matt Currie mjcurrie at direct.ca
Date: Tue Mar 16 15:42:21 CST 1999


    I am curious if anyone is familiar with coding for the parallel port
in Visual C++ for windows. I did a lot of parallel port coding in dos
but windows requires a bit more skill :) Does anyone have any suitable
DLL's I can use??

    I also want to know what series of the 68HC11 I should get. I have
heard MANY stories that you can phone motorolla and get a few free
samples if you are a student. I want more or less a recommendation. I
guess I should ask which is the best? I want the most code space , ram
etc. :)

Thanks alot,
    Matt Currie


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