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DPRG: Drill Press / Mill Drill Recomendation

Subject: DPRG: Drill Press / Mill Drill Recomendation
From: Daniel Herrington Daniel.Herrington at nsc.com
Date: Wed Mar 17 09:33:35 CST 1999

Jeff & Roger,

What kind of bandsaw is it and how much did it cost?  Does it cut
aluminum or other metals?  How thick?  What is the minimum curve
radius you can cut with it?  I've been thinking about what kinds of
machine tools I'd like to have for robot-building, and so far I've
been doing all my "machining" of aluminum with a hand drill and a
sabre saw.  It would be nice to have a drill press, a milling machine, 
and a bandsaw... at least it seems like it would.  Is anyone able to
machine aluminum just as well without these?


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Daniel Herrington
National Semiconductor Corp.
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=> Replying to Jeff Koenig's message, "DPRG: Drill Press / Mill Drill Recomendation" (Mar 16):
 > I've finally cleaned out enough of my garage to shoehorn in either a floor-standing
 > drill press or a small tabletop mill.
 > If I go the drill route, I'd like to also have an X-Y table so that I can do some
 > light duty milling.  (Thin aluminum, mainly).  The brand names I see most
 > often are Delta, Rigid, Central Machinery, and Craftsman.
 > If I go the mill/drill route, it will probably be a Harbor Freight or Central Machinery type
 > import mill.
 > Does anyone have any recomendations on either:
 >          1) A great bang for the buck, 
 >    or   2) Something to keep away from?
 > At the Lego Mindstorm meeting, I asked Roger about a $150 Harbor Freight
 > bandsaw, and bought one based his recomendation / demonstration.
 > I'm VERY happy with the bandsaw.  Thanks, Roger.
 > Regards,
 > Jeff Koenig


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