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DPRG: XTAL and oscillators

Subject: DPRG: XTAL and oscillators
From: Ralph Tenny rten at polaris.nstar.net
Date: Wed Mar 17 10:46:10 CST 1999

The main answer to to your question is money: in general, the more you pay
for either the crystal or oscillator, the better. Specifications will be
readily available for either; select thebest specs and work up a
worst-case result to determine if the variation exceeds your requirement.

On 17 Mar 1999 Ferialb at www.dci.co.ir wrote:

> Hello,
>  I have question about accuracy of crystals and oscillators:
> Is a 12.00000 MHz crystal more accurate than an 12.0000 MHz oscillator?
> I want to have a high accuracy timing measurement and want to know if a
> 12.00000 MHz XTAL connected to my 89C52 will really work at specified
> frequency.
> What about temperature stability? What else can change their frequency?
> Is there any special circuitry inside oscillators to increase their
> stability?
> How much error should I expect using XTAL connected directly to my 89C51?
> I will appreciate any info.
>  Best Wishes,
>   Hamid Reza Badili
>    mailto:Ferialb at www.dci.co.ir


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